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Lightning Storm and Horses

Lightning at Horseworld

This Image project took over two years . The first time I saw this horse sculpture by Snell Johnson, I envisioned it with lightning hitting behind, making it come alive. The thunder cracks and the lightning hits making the Arabian rear and the Quarter Horse and Thoroughbred dart off in different directions.  For over two years I waited for this to happen. Every thing to be in the right place at the right time including me. The Original was shot on BW and color film.

This is the real deal no photoshop magic. I was out making the rounds and saw that a storm was heading in this direction. It was late at night about 1:00am. I was set up in the middle of Pima Road, there was no cars around.   This was years before the 101 was even built. Using a 50mm lens,  shot this incredible image in black and white as well as color.  This was a very uncomfortable and dangerous photo shoot.  Lightning was hitting paces away. I’m in the middle of the road with a medal tripod and a stream of water is beginning to run at my feet, getting me wet and making me a conductor.  To say the least I got the shot and go the Hell out of dodge.

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  • […] Lightning Storms and Horses.  Lightning at Horseworld. […]

  • […] Lightning Storms and Horses.  Lightning at Horseworld. […]